Premium Starter Kit

Ready to buy your Young Living Premium Starter Kit?

Here’s what you get:

  • 11- 5ml bottles of essential oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, PanAway, Thieves, Purification, DiGize, Copabiba, R.C. and the amazing Northern Lights Black Spruce from B.C (Canadian market)/StressAway (USA market). Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how I use these essential oils every day.
  • A home diffuser with optional light, optional 30-second intervals, and auto-shut-off.
  • Aroma Glide roller fitment (to turn any oil into a roll-on)
  • Two sample packets each of Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Lemon, and Thieves (for you to share with your friends)
  • Two NingXia Red 2oz samples (an antioxidant drink concentrate that’s a great supplement for supporting health and wellbeing)

When sold individually, these products would retail for over $300 USD

Premium Starter Kit price: $160 US (approx $199 Canadian)  

And remember: once you’ve purchased the kit, you automatically become a wholesale member which entitles you to 24% off all future purchases. Not only does this include essential oils, but it includes cleaning products, natural skin care, supplements are more! There is no catch. There are no monthly minimums to continue as a member; simply hop online and order your oils as you need them!

Here’s how you can sign up!

  1. Click here to be brought to the Young Living site.
  2. Select “NEXT” at the bottom right of the page, followed by “CONTINUE”.
  3. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact information. Note: you will be asked to supply you social security number in the event you choose to become a distributor. This is optional. You are not obligated to ever join the marketing side of things. This information will never be shared.
  4. Create your password and PIN. Make it something memorable as you will need it to log in to your account for all future orders.
  5. Select your order: the “Premium Starter Kit” (US/Canada), or “Basic Starter Kit” I highly recommend the Premium: it comes with everything you need to get started, and it’s the best value of the three.
  6. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Confirm and you are done! Please touch base with any questions whatsoever. I’m so excited for you to get your oils in the mail and begin to experience the power of essential oils. They have been a blessing to my family and no doubt will become one for yours as well. xo

Starter Kit Oils



Soothes occasional skin irritations, reduces anxious feelings and promotes peaceful sleep, helps ease feelings of tension.

  • apply topically to help relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis
  • inhaled, it can act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation
  • inhale to reduce the symptoms of cold & cough
  • when experiencing digestive discomfort, it can act as a carminative and antispasmodic
  • inhale or apply topically to help relieve headache
  • apply topically to soothe minor burns


Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces, naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, supports healthy respiratory function,  promotes a positive mood

  • inhale to reduce the symptoms of cold & cough
  • add to cleaning products for an extra punch
  • inhale to improve mental clarity and focus
  • apply diluted to the bottoms of feet to reduce fever and provide infection relief


  • place topically on temples for headache relief
  • apply topically (diluted) to help relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis
  • inhale so to act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation
  • inhale to reduce the symptoms of cold & cough
  • apply topically (diluted) when experiencing digestive discomfort so to act as a carminative and antispasmodic


Ingredients: tarragon, juniper, anise, ginger,fennel, patchouli, peppermint, lemongrass

  • inhale or apply topically (diluted) to act as a carminative and antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort
  • apply behind your ears to assist with nausea or morning sickness


Supports healthy cellular function, promotes feelings of relaxation, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.

  • diffuse as a part of your regular wellness routine
  • add to your favorite skin care products to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections
  • apply topically (diluted) to the bottoms of feet to promote feelings of relaxation and to balance mood
  • blend with lavender essential oil, coconut oil and aloe for sunburn relief this summer


ingredients: clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus (E. radiata)

  • apply topically (diluted) or diffuse to help relieve colds and coughs
  • place a diluted drop on the base of your feet every morning as a part of your wellness routine
  • use to remove those pesky sticky labels on glasses. Remove as much of the label as you can, add a drop of Thieves, let sit for several minutes and rub clean
  • clean your dishwasher by running an empty cycle with white vinegar and 2 drops of Thieves in the detergent dispenser.


ingredients: wintergreen, clove, helichrysum, peppermint

ideal to apply topically after exercise, and supports the appearance of healthy skin coloration.

  • apply topically (diluted) after exercise
  • mix with a carrier oil and use during a massage
  • place diluted on your feet as a part of your wellness routine
  • Add 5-6 drops to a bowl with 2 cups of epsom salt in a bath tub


ingredients: lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca (M. alternifolia), myrtle, citronella

The sweet refreshing scent instantly deodorizes unpleasant odors in the air

  • mix with a carrier oil and use during a massage
  • add a wet cloth with two drops into the laundry into the dryer to remove the mildew smell after forgetting about that load of laundry in the washer for a tad too long 😉
  • mix 20 drops of oil with distilled water in a glass spray bottle and spray on areas you want to freshen, such as laundry hampers and bed sheets
  • diffuse in a freshly painted room and the paint fumes will disappear within a few hours to one day


may promote health when added to a daily health regimen, boasts powerful anti-inflammatory abilities

  • apply topically to reduce pain and loosen muscles, eliminating pain in joints, and even easing the discomfort of headaches and migraines
  • diffuse this sweet and gentle scent to improve your mood and balance your hormones
  • apply diluted to skin to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks