Holidays are full of sweets. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, you name it! Since there is already enough desserts being passed around and enjoyed by children, I started doing non-food items for small gift exchanges. It started two years ago when Quinn had his first ‘trick-or-treat’ party with his farm school program. At the time he wasn’t even 2 yet and the kids were just a tad bit older. Instead of adding to the candy, the two of us spent an afternoon making crayons in the form of witch hats, pumpkins and skulls.

Fast forward another 2 years and we are still making holiday themed crayons all year round. My kids love making them, and their friends always love receiving them. I imagine that we will continue doing this for years to come!

So it’s really quite simple. You aren’t making crayons from scratch, you are just taking old (or possibly new) crayons, putting them into molds and melting them down into the desired shape.

Easy DIY Christmas Crayons


What You Need

– Old broken crayons ( you can choose to buy new crayons too if you’d like)
– Silicone molds in your desired shape. I bought these ones at a local dollar store, but you could look online too.
– Aluminum Foil to cover a cookie sheet


1. Remove the paper from your crayons. I usually use the old broken crayons at the bottom of our bin. If you plan on making a lot of molded crayons you may have to buy a few new packs, but it will still be a really wallet-friendly gift. Another great way to  get crayons to use for this project is at a restaurant. We *very rarely* eat out, but the odd time we do I mention to the hostess to not throw out the crayons that are cleaned from any tables while I am there. By the time we pay our bill I am often given 10 or more small packs of barely used crayons that are given to children at the tables.
So depending on the brand of crayons, removing the paper can be a relatively fast or potentially extremely slow process. I have found that the paper from Crayola brand crayons come off quite easy where as the brand new packs of crayons I bought from the dollar store last Halloween came off painfully slow.

2. Now you are ready to pre-heat the over to 250F.

3. Next, you need to place all of the crayon pieces into the molds. You can mix the colors together for multi-colored crayons, or can sort the colors to make solid crayons.  I love using this as a sorting activity with my kiddos so we usually make solid colors. They aren’t always perfect, but close enough. Fill the molds to the top as they will melt down quite a bit with all of the air space between the crayon pieces.
DIY Christmas Crayons
4.  Cover a cookie pan with aluminum foil to avoid ruining your cookware and place your silicon molds on top. Place them in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Check back often. Once they are melted they can be removed, you do not need to keep them in the full 15 minutes if they are ready.

DIY Simple Christmas Crayons

5. When they are done, remove them and place them on a heat-safe surface to cool. Wait at least an hour before trying to remove the crayons. If they are not fully cooled there is a great change that they will crack.  When they are ready, simply pop them out. This step is really easy with silicone molds. I don’t worry about cleaning out my molds much. They go into a bin labeled “crayon molds” and they don’t get used for anything else.

DIY Crayons

It’s time to draw!


DIY Christmas Crayons

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