With our last move, we ended up decreasing the square footage of our home.  I knew that making the boys bedrooms functional play spaces was going to be crucial, especially to survive the winters where we may be stuck inside more often than we would like to be.  So, when it was time to redecorate Quinn’s “big boy” bedroom, I wanted to include a place for him to build with his Lego.

View Quinn’s Vintage Transportation Themed Room

Boys Vintage Airplane Bedroom

DIY Lego Table

I looked around for a lego table, but everything was either really expensive or too big for his new space. I searched Pinterest for DIY Lego table plans, but honestly I was so tired from the move and renovations that I didn’t want to build the table from scratch. Instead, I set out to find a table that I could build from and make my own. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures throughout the course of this project but hopefully this will give you a good idea!

What You Need:
– 1 IKEA Latt children’s table and chairs
– 4 XL Lego baseplates
– Hot glue & gun
– Furniture “Chalk” paint (optional)

At the time I was searching for a table, a few of the lego bases came up on a local buy/sell facebook group.
Since these are normally a bit on the expensive side, I took the opportunity to buy them gently used. I got them for a great deal, but now I needed a table!DIY Lego Table Baseplates

The Table
After some shopping around I found that the cheapest table I could get was from IKEA.  For $30 I was able to get a little table and two chairs that fit perfectly into his bedroom.
DIY lego table with Ikea base

After a coat of paint with some furniture chalk paint (no sanding of furniture required) I took this plain little table to the next level, and for very little money.  *paint budget tip* Ask your local decor shop if they have any open cans of chalk paint that you could buy from them. Often, they open one of each color to paint test strips in their store. They later sell these at a discounted price since they have already been opened.
DIY Lego Table Paint

Final Touches
As a final step, I glued the Lego base plates to the top of the table and seats using a hot glue gun. If you are doing this, make sure you put some lego pieces attached to both bases before gluing them down. Surprisingly, if you just glue two plates up against one another you will not be able to build along the seams. So attach lego pieces across the plates to ensure you have the proper spacing.
I did have to cut some bases to fit properly. My husband used his table saw, but in the end I needed to make a quick adjustment and a good pair of scissors did the trick.

So, what do you think!?

DIY Lego Table



DIY Lego Table

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DIY Lego Table


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