When we moved into our new home, Quinn was just about to turn 3. He was ready for a “big boy” room, and I was so excited to design one for him. The room was previous used by a little girl, and while the walls were blue, the light fixtures, mirrors and shelving that stayed behind definitely needed to be swapped out.  My budget for redecorating was pretty much $0, so making things myself, reusing furniture we already had and searching for great finds on buy and sell groups was crucial.


When we bought the place it was a little girls room. Here is the picture of the room as listed in the home sale.
Vintage Boys Transportation Theme Bedroom

We let my son pick his theme, and at the time he wanted anything to do with cars, boats and airplanes. I wanted the room to grow with him, so I decided to incorporate the theme through wall hangings and pictures instead of plastering it all over the walls and bedding. This way, when we are ready to update his room, the cost should be minimal again as we don’t have to purchase new window treatments or bedding. This was also the reason behind a neutral wall color. This grey should last a long time and go with just about any decor in the future.

After weeks of window shopping and searching for items on buy/sell groups I decided to go with a vintage transportation theme ton include Quinn’s desire for all things motorized. The color palette would stay neutral with some pops of red and navy. His room is on the small side so keeping it light and airy was crucial.

DIY Lego Table

My favorite part of the room is his DIY LEGO table, so let’s start there. Quinn was just getting into Lego and since we have a smaller house, making his room functional and it’s own “play space” was really important to me. I looked around for a lego table, but everything was either really expensive or too big for his space, so I realized I was going to have to make my own. Check out what we used to make this DIY Lego Table.



Antique Type Tray for Storage

I found an old type tray at a market and hung it on the wall to house all of Quinn’s Lego men. I hung it low enough that he can reach his toys as he wants to play with them.
The gorgeous wooden airplanes were a gift from my mother. She found them at a quaint local decor shop.
The beautiful hand carved rocking car was Quinn’s first ‘Santa’ gift and has finally found the perfect home.

Boy's Vintage Transportation Room Decor
Vintage Wooden Airplanes


Vintage Boy Bedroom

Headboard, Night stand and Light fixture

The white bed frame was actually left behind from the previous owners. We cleaned it up and it fit in perfectly in the space and the fact it had a bed rail around the entire bed was perfect for our little “big guy”. Since the bed didn’t have a headboard, but instead a very low rail across the back, I searched to find something to add a bit of visual appear. I found a mom near me who made these wonderful painted maps on stained wood boards. She created a custom size and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. The color matched the bed side table that we already owned and tied in the type tray as well. We placed a bedside lamp that we had in storage on the side table and a wonderful piece of art that my uncle once drew some 20 years ago.

Vintage Boys Transportation Room

Framed Patent Replicas

I needed something hung on either side of the windows, but didn’t have much money left. On a trip to IKEA I saw these black plastic poster frames for $5.99; right on budget 😉 My last step was to figure out what to put inside of them. I wanted something that kept with the vintage feel, so I started out trying to find an old floor plan of a ship or a graphic of a car drawing. I turned my search into looking for prints of old patents and went in this direction.  I found the print of the Tesla Motor Print and the original patent for a ship steering wheel. They are perfect! And I spent a total of $30 on each feature; print, frame and hardware included!
Vintage Bedroom Decor Little Boy



I hope this inspires you in your decorating journey! I have just a few things left to hang on Rowan’s new big boy bedroom wall and will be sharing pictures shortly!  What room are you working on next?


Vintage inspired transportation decor

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