Traditional gift wrap is a huge source of waste during the holiday season, but the idea of not wrapping gifts at all doesn’t sound good to most people. Part of the joy of giving a gift is watching in anticipation while the recipient opens it. That said, the mound of often un-recyclable paper laying on the floor afterwards just isn’t worth it in my eyes.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, household waste increases by more than 25%. Added food waste, shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons all add up to an additional 1 million tons a week to our landfills.

There are many alternatives that you can use to wrap your gifts without cutting on beauty. Actually, the only thing you will be cutting down on is waste and cost ūüôā

Brown Paper

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

You don’t have to go and buy brown paper to use it for gift wrapping. Do you shop at Whole Foods or any other grocer that offers brown paper bags instead of plastic? Set the bags aside all year round and wrap them inside out to avoid having their logo on the front of your gift.

Paper Bags

Eco friendly gift wrap

I just love this idea, especially for smaller gifts that you might be giving to many people. Simply use recyclable brown lunch bags and decorate with some twine, fresh pine and maybe even a small tree ornament! So simple, eco-friendly and beautiful!


Eco friendly gift wrap

I usually have a bunch of burlap left over from my winter plant prep that can be used for wrapping. You can also keep burlap that you get on any new trees and plants throughout the spring and summer from the nursery. A simple soak and dry will do the job, then set aside for the holidays!

Reusable Gift Wrap Bags

Eco-friendly gift wrap

Reusable gift bags are such a neat idea. Not only do they cut down completely on waste, but they act as a gift itself as the recipient keeps it to use for gift giving in the future. You can choose to buy reusable bags, or make them yourself with this easy DIY tutorial.

Fabric Gift Wrap

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

I just recently found out about this¬†Japanese technique called ‘Furoshiki’ when I was gifted a beautiful present in a silk fabric wrap. There are many different ways to wrap using fabric, some much fancier than others. ¬†For some of the more basic techniques, click here.¬†If you happen to be heading to a baby shower, or gifting a gift to a baby or new mother, why not wrap using a beautiful baby blanket that they can use moving forward!


6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Alternatives

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